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Being thankful for what we have: It is great to remember: April 20, 2018

It is a lot of work, and a lot of non-work, to just be present in the moment, being thankful for what  I have, we have, all of us collectively have. Having so much of my life and work, being based in inducing positive change; one most be careful and conscious to appreciate that which we have. It is also essential to understand the process of human change is a challenging and even slow one at times.

Fear is underneath a lot of our resistance and that kind of thing; all of us, in one way or another cling to some of the things we have and do; even if at times, we would better to let go a tad, at least most of us, lol. Ah the nature of human existence. Being grateful is an act of confidence, if not victory itself. Appreciation can bring us to another level, and in essence declare that we are not acting with fear. I am thankful for my life; just as it is, in this moment. Wow, that feeling is “indescribable.” Jon

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