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The Worlds Best Mediator

The Worlds Best Mediator

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The rain in Spain, falls mainly on the plain:

There is not much else that could really describe a day like today. An extremely intense negotiation on the behalf of Calm Interventions Inc. (CII) could bear unbelievable fruit beginning in the not so distant future. While I followed a light-hearted description temporarily on the Joe Paterno scenario, clearly nothing in the world is mainly funny about it. Aside from the utter horror of the alleged acts of his former assistant coach, the salient point is how obession with one’s image and legacy can obscure our morality and judgment.

Many things are attempted to be whitewashed in life, but this can be a reminder that even the greatest of the great are susceptible to the most basic of human tendencies, namely self-aggrandizing, and essentially putting oneself on a higher level than the cause itself. Joe Paterno may have had aspects that were a great college football coach, but Joe Paterno is not better than college football itself, Penn State University even, nor surely not the education of the students.

Well, I even voted locally today, and met my Alderman.


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