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Profoundly, a sense of a better world

That is my vision, my life, my work; that of a better world. There is such a practical and moral mandate in our world, especially for our younger people, to create a sense that’s our world, can be a better place. There is so much negativity that not only does our world need it, but our young people, may not have been touched by that sense of optimism that is necessary to uphold and uplift society. That is my work, that is Calm Interventions work; that is the work and world of The World’s Best Mediator creating a better planet.

Coming from our inner strength, aligns us with our goodness, our sense of wanting to do well, and even our commonality. Most of us, want a better world, and we need those people and philosophies that will uplift us. I am grateful that I have been able to come this far, in the development of a philosophy. Today being, July 4, 2018, among other things, I convey wonderful appreciation to our dear United State of America, on our 242nd birthday. Happy birthday!

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Not giving up

The cornerstone of the science of inner strength is defining your purpose. Defining your purpose entails developing the attitude that as long as you’re purpose is appropriate you will not ever give Up. To accomplish something really great takes just an unbelievable amount of effort and energy. Think about it, as is often said if accomplishing something great was easy, many many people would do it. Instead it takes an incredible effort and an incredible champion to look through the heart of the matter and see one’s goals and develop an unwaivering commitment to reaching their goals.

The effort involved in reaching this kind of greatness is unbelievable, and will test you to your very limits. Still that is what separates the champions and real winners from others in society. It is not that everyone who purses the science of enter strength Honor will need to reach great heights. It is as much, the will to pursue personal excellence and high goals and a genius within us that many of us can reach. Each person has their own mountain. Jon

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Potentially a real breakthrough today, and over the weekend

The old hop, skip and a jump, seemed to be in play, with several ideals falling into place one after another. The last could be a wonderful breakthrough in understanding of a familial mediation type of thing, that could be extraordinary. I am grateful I could work so long and hard on things. As Einstein is quoted along the lines:”It is not that I am smarter than others; it is just that I stay with problems longer.”

Keeping one’s commitment and focus on a scenario is one of the keys above keys; it is wanting the result AND keeping an unwavering commitment, if not faith that one will see their way through. This is a wonderful insight and reflective of the sense that keeping to higher oriented processes, a way will appear, even when one does not see a way. That is called trusting and keeping with the process, when ALL else fails, lol.

So, this is a wonderful day and moment for a Sunday. I am grateful for the work, and the opportunity to keep with it.

Truly Yours,

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What a truly wondrous journey: I am enjoying the ride:

There are times in life when circumstances get so challenging, perhaps near the end of a twenty year journey, that you realize that you must enjoy the ride. I read a wonderful reminder from Eckart Tolle today that reminded me that essentially being able to live with any outcome is a very liberating thought. I mean we obsess so much about one particular outcome, and it often turns out differently anyway; that it makes sense to let go and live in the moment, and essentially be able to make your effort and then live with any outcome.

It really felt wonderful to have that feeling today; it was just so liberating,  adjusting ourselves to whatever is going to happen, and essentially throw aside that ninety percent of our energy or some amount that is spent just thinking about it or worrying about it. Yes, it has elements of trust in it; yet it is even simpler in a way to not even worry no matter what happens. I suppose to get to that point, one must have great confidence too!

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Oh what a night; or actually what a day, on top of another day, on top of another day: Wowsie!

Feel great about what was accomplished today. Been working on a wonderful Calm Interventions piece AND the designer nailed it out of the ballpark; Fenway Pahhk of course. The crucial element that was twenty years in the making was the quote that along the lines that in the Magic 6 hour x $600/hour Assessment there would be a “magic moment” when a person’s perspective if not their life would change dramatically for the better.”

That is a heavy duty statement and one that I am delighted to make, and trusting in its actuation. You will have that magic moment the situation, your life, your relationship, whatever it be will change dramatically for the better. Clients of the world: Come on in. Fill out the contact form at either or The magic moment is in essence the result of what next week will be twenty years of work; hallelujah. I am grateful to friends and foes alike. Friends stand by you, and foes inspire you. The notion of the magic moment was the direct result of someone who challenged me.

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Some amazing stuff happening

I was doing some writing today, and stumbled upon some wisdom that was kind of buried within me, with respect to parenting. Parenting is such an amazing topic in this say and age, because essentially the success of society depends upon successful parenting. I was not totally in synch with how much my multitude of experiences have enhanced not just my own degree of parenting, but my wisdom with respect to parenting in general. Part of that genius, if you will has to do with experiencing parenting through the course of “nearly infinite” stages of divorce, lol; and learning to develop more of a fatherly role, than a kid-oriented role.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not know everything, but I know that the more empathic type of parenting brought forth by baby boomers, was an improvement over the ultra strictness of our parents’ generation. However there are some points of parental understanding in play. It is crucial to learn to truly be a parent, and to separate a tad from the joyous feeling, so our kids respect us.


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Divine purpose AND talking goodness with a man named Mohammed

Some reflection over the past few days elevates one facet of my understanding of adversity. It seems clearer to me that adversity occurs to reveal to us a sense of divine purpose. It is the process of causing us to stop what we are doing for one that causes us to change our process. In addition for better or worse pain can cause us in and of itself to think in different ways. Pain, along with reflection and natural growth can cause us to develop deeper levels of understanding of ourselves and the human condition. In this way adversity can be seen as a gift from the divine. This is he way of Calm Interventions help people, rather than fighting, but to even possible to use the discord itself as a growth and learning experience.

Also today I was graciously served a cup of coffee by a man named Mohammed today. We had a wonderful discussion about goodness. As a Muslim American Mohammed seemed grateful that I took the time to speak to him. It was my pleasure. Jon

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A fascinating day; goodness itself is the issue

Wow, there was truly some tough sledding today; a rather fascinating adaptation in strategy. Loving your enemies AND that kind of thing; not for the faint of heart. Ah yes, a wonderful article this morning on pursuing the path of goodness almost exclusively. What an amazing affirmation of Calm Interventions’ work. That is what it is about the development of goodness within The Science of Inner Strength.

It really is the goodness and the divine sense within us that must inspire us forward. It really is so complicated the road to becoming The World’s Best Mediator; no wonder it is hard fo r people to grasp. I am blessed by the divine in even having a purpose; so as a sign on my wall says I need rejoice. I was even blessed today with a free box of cereal, which is very nice. Do not take little things for granted.

I am grateful for the entire experience. Some of our thinnest battles are one’s we must overcome in our spirit and should, which makes the work trebly meaningful. Thank you.

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One thing the Sterling situation reveals is that there is a growing collective

Sensibility about what is tolerable and what is not in society. The fact that the private conversations of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling have invoked such outrage is as reflection of how unacceptable it is has become to hold other human beings to lesser standards in society. The collective outrage symbolizes that society will not tolerate the denigration of other human beings, and that is a true advancement for society. While surely, the issue of race is among the most sensitive in society, with good reason; the entire notion of treating other human beings with the respect and dignity that they deserve is critical.

In order to be a civilized community we must treat other human beings with a maximum of dignity and respect. Society is off the mark in some ways now; yet events like this as painful as they are do reflect and w elevate our level of collective consciousness.

The economic bullying of this situation is evident too through the comments of Sterling, who uses his fortunate circumstances as a way to control and demean others.

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Do not enter Massachusetts Courts:

That could be the new tag line. I mean for families, rational people; it is just no safe place for people to go. I am not certain at the moment, if that is my final pronouncement, but it could be. I mean I have travelled up the River Nile, virtually into the lions’ den; fortuitously stumbling across the story of Daniel, in the Lions’ Den. Who better to be a guide on a safari then, one who has gone in, that deep.

Still the far better option is for people not to enter at all. On some level, the protocol, is a national situation, in terms of how lawyers are essentially carving people up; yet I have some sense that Massachusetts is harsher than many. I don’t know everything, but Massachusetts courts by and large are no place for people interested in fair, rational and just outcomes to enter. I was on the bus today, and there are ads near the ceiling. I began to envision a “Turn back from Massachusetts courts” ad campaign. People cannot enter these courts! Ciao.

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