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Societal good; it is about societal good baby:

The more I go through; the more I get cleansed by ALL of what life has to offer me; the stronger and purer I get. In that regard, I uphold the sense that it is about societal good. The capacity to heal and help the world; si where my life and work take hold. It is fun, to glide through life with a sense that there is something significant that we are offering. Don’t get me wrong; it has taken me monumental epochs of challenge, if not pain itself, to reach the point of gliding at times.

That is where the Science of Inner Strength comes in. It is finding your true self, and then developing that core purpose that can essentially pull you through virtually anything. To those who do not agree, on some level, I send compassion. I came back to my notion of firm forgiveness today, and how setting firm limits first, for those who act, and then leaning back with a sense of forgiveness and compassion can be an excellent course to go. Time for lunch.

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