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Ah, it’s been a while, decency, decency and more decency:

Ah yes, it has been a time of quiet and hard work. Today, I feel like I finished a stage of a project, and I can feel wonderful. It seems that a crucial emerging cornerstone of my life is that commitment to decency and working to bring it about in society. Society, is at a precious point, AND we need caring and conscientious actions and attitudes to bring us forward. I am grateful for virtually all of my experiences, as they have guided and molded me, into something much better and stronger, than when the process of change, began occurring in my life.

There is a wonderful amount of expression in today’s society. This expression must still be mixed with some of the caliber and values that have brought us to this point. Yes, there is a need for substantial improvement in society. For me, that improvement does not come about by attacking the past. That improvement comes about by appreciating the good, in the past, and then working to change those things that need improvement. I send love, Jon

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Deceny versus Narcissism: The battle of our times:

On some level, it seems that the very basic battle that is AND will be played out in society essentially has to do with psychological states of mind. Perhaps it is as ancient as the notions of good versus evil that virtually always have confronted society; and yet now it has morphed into a different animal of sorts.

That animal is as basic, as doing right and/or doing good in society, with essentially good intentions, under the umbrella of decency; versus the narcissism of this day and age. The essentially horrific level of the evil of today that narcissism has a virtually incessant capacity to cloak itself as good. Corporations, political systems, courtrooms are confronted and conflicted with this sort of narcissism. While I do not know everything but I know that most people are good; there is a staunch element of deception pertaining to narcissism, where narcissists can readily rise to power, essentially tricking people and organizations.

The first step in defeating narcissism, is both building an awareness of it, as well as urging society towards its true decency!

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Morality the issue of our times AND we cannot allow extraneous evil:

Events which hit so hard in my hometown of Boston yesterday exhibit what is best and worst about human nature. Worst in the heinous acts that would commit such merciless atrocities; the best in the response from law enforcement, to medical people, to average citizens on the street offering their efforts and their hearts to those affected by this tragedy. I join with many many Bostonians and those from around the country and the world, in offering my heart and my prayer for anybody affected by this tragedy for sure.

These events underscore for me as I have known the existence of evil in our world. Unfortunately I have seen evil, not in the same manner, but similar in its cowardly nature within our divorce system, and even in family situations. To me, I am clear, evil is evil! As I have talked about recently Parental Alienation and narcissistic parents who would turn against their own child(ren) are evil. Most people are good, and must act good for decency and morality. Parents who harm their own children too, evil!










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The case for decency

It seems that much of my life has wielded to a point; that point is working for true and lasting decency is society. I am greatly blessed with that opportunity and the sense of purpose that comes out of all of that. True to the Calm Interventions philosophy of “Turning hard times into better time;” that philosophy has come out unfathomable challenges and yielded a true mission in a way the betterment of society through the advancement of decency. I am grateful for my work and for what has landed upon my shoulders. The little keyboard seems to be working out great at the moment. It is “fascinating” to see my work winding to the point of decency. As we set foot gently on these relatively first steps of the new millennium; it is imperative to set our tone in a positive and constructive manner. Our collective commitment to decency must be at the vanguard of our work, words and particularly our actions!

Thank you again for the responsibility and mission that has landed upon my shoulders; I cherish it.

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Two ideas, interesting”

One is a healing type of center, where people will come, the other a center or a place dedicated to the understanding and eradication of psychological and emotional abuse, with the movement eventually towards decency. One would think that human beings would actually have the capacity to begin to function in calm, sensible and rational manners. Clearly this plague of narcissism, borderline personality and psychopathic behavior is a challenge/opportunity of our time. The people who hide behind the protocols and bullying position while inflicting hurt and pain on others must be exposed, AND we as a society as a whole must move towards respectful, truly appropriate behavior towards ourselves and each others. The culture of decency must make its move. Well today has been a happy and productive day, even through the mist and hurdles that were here. I can call it a great day, and be thankful for that, and look towards some relaxation and rest for the evening.

I am very happy about the new picture on the website, and look for that to usher in positive things.

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