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A cool day, in spite of the heat, lol

Today, was pretty cool. I put some finishing touches on some work that I have been savoring. I enjoy the process of production, even down to the nitty gritty details. Yes, it seemed like a happy day at that. In fact, finishing this phase of a project, just swooped on up to me. I was not really planning on it; at the moment. It was kind of like a divine inspiration, seemed to grab me, and onto it, I was. I was kind of amazed, as I have been working hard, and did not outwardly seem to have the energy to nail this today. AND then, there’s God, as the saying would go.

So off I went, and it was pure grit, I suppose, as it was hot; and as I say, perhaps I have been working too hard. Still in retrospect; it was like a breeze, in completing a number of the tasks that beckoned. One intense critic, used the phrase “happy and productive.” There is little or no doubt that I was in a happy and productive zone.

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The outgrowth of writing in my book today: An authenticity revolution:

Didn’t Jefferson or someone talk about a revolution every 200 years or so? I deeply and truthfully advocate solely a non-violent revolution. I call my revolution the authenticity revolution. For those just joining in, authenticity surely extends to our court systems and the need for solely a focus on justice and integrity there; not patronage and inappropriate decisions. Beyond that, the authenticity revolution must extend to virtually every facet of life, in the Third Millennium.

The authenticity revolution is about honesty in virtually every facet of American life, from financial, educational, media, judiciary and more. This warped culture of lying that we have develop is truly berserk, if not evil. Haves and have nots, and all of that. People are seeing through the deceit more and more every day. There is promise to this country in its ideals, and most people want to play by those fair and honest rules. Who ever developed these erratic laws of the ruling elite?

Without honesty and authenticity a culture cannot ever expect to sustain. It would be like building bridges out of tissue. Wake-up!

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One of the unifying elements of competition be it mental or physical

is that virtually every time somebody wins and somebody loses. The point of mediation in more serious life events, is that both parties walk away a winner on some level. As one who has competed greatly, as well as taken on extremely challenging situations I cannot tell you the number of times in a particular moment, I was not “successful.” It truly is a test of character or even greatness to take wins and losses in virtually equal capacity a lot of the time.

The key is learning from each and every experience. If and when you are committed enough too your own goal, you will probably get there and/or reach something comparable. A true competitor knows that a win or a loss on many levels is a rather temporal thing. The enduring thing for the most part is the lesson. Surely, it is atrocious to “win” something and then rub the other parties’ face in it or something of the like. It is similarly egregious to the contest to be a sore loser. Our determination and manner are key.

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