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Kind of a unique day, in a ton of ways:

I must confess, as earlier stated, I needed to slowww…. down a tad today. Then something unexpected had arrived AND I was able to respond, in a terrific fashion, I believe. For some really “odd” reason, it seems like a lot of decks were cleared for tomorrow. There are not a ton of brochures remaining in this batch, and perhaps tomorrow I can resume. It would be terrific to complete this phase, before the really cold weather sets in, perhaps as soon as next week. Brrr….

I cannot say enough in an “odd” way, there is that word again, what an honor it is, to develop one of the most comprehensive cases and understandings pertaining to emotional and psychological abuse that has ever existed. When you are in the middle of something that is a relatively new thing, there is so much opposition AND ALL kinds of stuff; yet that light of developing an approach, an understanding, a way of recognizing emotional and psychological abuse and its devastating effect to still forges onward. Nothing new, innovate, and great is easy.

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The concept of the year, if not the millennium: The buck stops here: Emotional Nazism!

Yes, I do believe the process I have observed and assessed, actually rises to the level of what I deem: “Emotional Nazism.” Some peoples’ behavior in our culture and in our society has come to the point of that degree of extremism, intolerance, utter indifference and cruelty to our fellow human being. You surely see it for one, within our legal system; where lawyers pursue making a buck, at the virtual expense of other peoples’ lives. I have read a statement along the lines that “everything the Nazis did was legal.”

The great majority of our country AND our culture must be extremely vigilant at the seething, slow, slippery slope of some of the cruelty and meanness in our culture today. I have observed in its most crass forms, and to the degree that people will work to strip other human beings of their very identity, along with things like our children; then on the most extreme AND outrageous places in society, we have reached emotional Nazism. The extremely threatening thing about this form of Nazism is its deception.


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Whoa nelly; obstacles are made to be overcome, right? Right!!

I would be remiss, if I did not say that overcoming obstacles is a great challenge. Sometimes, a true champion will jump off into new terrain that seems quite daunting. When your cause is right, you can and will rise to the challenge, with the right attitude. I never said it would be easy though. So up I go, one step at a time, eye on the ball.

I am thrilled I have a ball to look at; I mean life can get quite depressing I fathom, if and when you do not have a legitimate goal. Rising through the ranks itself, is not necessarily a legitimate goal; there must be a redeeming purpose to that rise. There must be something in your work that is sincerely about helping humanity. The hard part, is doing it, in deed; more than just in words. It is easy to preach or write about benevolence, empathy and ALL of that; but the really hard and worthy part is exemplifying those qualities on tasks large and small. True values are used often and regularly!

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Well that was quite a whirlwind morning, with a great resolution at the end:

I had to focus a great deal over the last day or six, to get a response in. I went the extra mile early this morning, to find out some info and all of that; and get a word in edge wise. I am extremely grateful I could make that effort. When I returned to the office, it seems I got a confirmation of an interesting case that now seems resolved and closed.

It is extremely gratifying to bring closure to matters. The one I am referencing was an extremely challenging one; yet virtually everybody at some point in time returns to a human position, and functions from a stand point of common sense, and just some kind of equanimity.  There are still some who do not, but zillions of local hurdles have been addressed AND overcome.

I do really enjoy working with people, on matters great and small. All and all, my efforts are aimed to urge people into common sensible, respectful, even mutually beneficial positions. We are human beings for goodness sakes; most of us deserve winning resolutions.

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I must say, I extremely relish my life story: The World’s Best Mediator and Beyond: Putting emotional/psychological abuse on the map.

I truly have an extremely rich life when you think about it. An old rival, just called me “friend;” high praise, from a native New Englander, indeed. But beyond that truly, the opportunity to work on something extremely enriching for society, is something I really never really conceptualized. Prior to my spiritual awakening, which began in earnest in March, 1996, I had a rather ordinary, one dimensional, ego driven perspective on the world.

Since that time I have been blessed first to discover the extremely rich world of spiritual AND emotional growth, becoming a relatively mature human being at that. Beyond that though became the professional side of things in addition to the personal. Through really extremely challenging circumstances, I have been blessed to truly discover a terrific amount about emotional and psychological abuse, and work to put that on the map for society.

For better or worse, I have had the opportunity to put forth that sense of emotional and psychological abuse, in the American court system, utilizing a “fascinating” tool, called the Tort for the Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress. When you really think about it, the notion of intentionally inflicting emotional distress is really what the vast things involving bullying, as well as narcissism and psychopathic behavior in society are all about. Under at least one scenario I will be the person, or surely one of the people, who has advanced the protection for ALL people, not just those of protected classes in society.

The “bullying” of a six foot five, 320 lb. man in the NFL, is just the tip of the iceberg. There really is a culture of those who thrive by hating upon and intentionally seeking to emotionally injure others. The dual challenges include people tend on some level cheer this bullying type of behavior; AND the bully is phenomenally deceptive in carrying things out, and especially effective in attempting to blame the victim.

I am at home with my role. Hateful behavior of any kind is an abomination on society. I am also blessed that I was able to break psychopathic behavior of men, in my family.

Morey Mayer Myers: Many levels of psychopahic behavior.

Morey Mayer Myers: Many levels of psychopathic behavior.

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Mediation is for adults: Even though I held my own with one hand tied behind my back, as it stands:

It really is becoming more and more apparent on some level. The legal process almost becomes like children having a food fight, the way most people conduct things. Attack what they perceive to be the weakness of the other party; refuse to hear the other point of view. Man o live, it sure seems almost like a game for children.

On the other hand, mediation is for adults. Both parties must be able to recognize their is a larger goal, other than merely their own interest. Each person’s interest is important, but so is something called the greater good. It seems that many attorneys I have run into focus solely on their interest and money. Mediation as I am indicating requires a degree of maturity beyond that; it requires people to want to get to a better place, other than just “beating” the other person.

Adults of the world unite; throw off your chains, bullies behaving in a childish manner will not prevail. True intelligence, respect and yes adult maturity will lead our way forward. Children, time for bed. Thanks.

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I am thankful for ALL I have: A great round of brochures…

even though, it was a small round, was great in this still fall weather. A number of little things seemed to have occurred today already and that seems terrific. One little thing at a time; sometimes that is all you can really endeavor to do. The great ideas in life get tested; sometimes severely, after all, what else is it that makes them great. It is not the desire itself; it is the actuation of the ideas, standing tall at critical moments.

One piece that seems relatively evident to me, is coming to a realization of psychopathic behavior that unfolded over a twenty-five plus period, in a scenario I endured, witnessed AND assessed. It seems a tad draining to focus on it, too much, as it is my view that “most people” want to see positive results for real, as well as constructive actions, but some either do not, or get so blinded by their own neurosis or misguided sense of superiority that they think they can treat a human being in the most inhumane of ways.

One’s too many!

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It is the degree of hatred, that is so pronounced:

While I assess an unfathomable pattern of emotional/psychological abuse, one astounding AND “fascinating” element is the degree of hatred involved. I mean there are different levels of hatred that a person can have, I suppose. What I have discovered and encountered is a degree of hatred so shocking that it virtually defies description. I suppose you cannot really let a sibling, even if younger, off of the hook because the person, is not a child, indeed he has lived in one case for fifty-three years.

This younger sibling, while influenced or not brought a degree of hatred that they can write about for centuries to come. It is startling the emergence of irrational hatred in society. I suppose that is what is so important about ALL of my work; society as a whole must stop this phenomenon of irrational hatred. People who believe they can on some miniscule basis just develop hatred towards another human being and inflict their pain on another, must be exposed and appropriately stopped, AND indeed held “accountable.”

The Ivory Towers encourages this hatred. Happy Birthday.

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A great round of brochure distribution; took me to many nooks and crannies of Newton: Ending up at Free office, for the moment:

Wow, now I know (three words, ending in “ow”), why they call them the Newton Hills in the Boston Marathon. Distributing brochures is a true commitment AND a calling, if not a “cause” unto itself in a way. I went for a big round today. I am aiming to finish this batch, at least by next Thursday, for some “odd” reason. I am wondering if I need to directly and appropriately confront some big “bull” or if the universe will do it for me? That has been on my mind this morning. It is kind of an exploration into self, working and discovering alternative ways of handling situations; ALL tools of The World’s Best Mediator.

That reminds me, I have a limited number of brochures, without labels; and my pal at Staples may be able to assist with a new label for the remainder. I am looking to add the phrase “Boston Strong;” to the label, or something along those lines. That is the truly “odd” thing about The World’s Best Mediator, it is an outgrowth of Boston Strong too!



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The science of abuse:

In some ways, I believe my contribution  on some level, could truly be contributing to what I call the “Science of Abuse.” There are so many layers where my understandings and insights can add so much to society’s base if knowledge. Clearly, the dire need for abusers to maintain a double image is paramount. Second is the actual abuse itself, with regard to having this nihilistic AND sadistic sense of “joy” that propels these with heinous actions to abuse in the first place.

Third, and related to the first two points is this virtually parasitic need to attach themselves to a situation or another human being; to essentially derive their life blood and their psychic energy from such a “vile” association. Finally, there is the need to drive things through the other party in virtually merciless fashion.

These elements of abuse are part of my work that I have developed over the past eighteen years now. There may be a number of venues where I may be able to present such a body of work. We must reverse ALL abuse!

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