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A breakthough, seemingly years, maybe “decades” in the making: Firm Forgiveness

For years, I have struggled to discover the appropriate response to what could be considered “vile” behavior. the notion of finding the third way, goes back to Jesus, if not before, the middle path, actually was identified by Buddha as well. I like to refer to it as well, as the assertive path; in between aggressive and passive behavior. In this day and age, we are confronted, with vile, if not evil behavior in the emergence of extreme narcissistic and psychopathic behavior. I have long sought the appropriate response; as people with those actions can be debilitating, AND also they are clearly not well, and do not know much of what they are doing.

Today, in a last burst, I founded the concept of “firm forgiveness.” Firm meaning that it is our job as responsible leaders to pave a way towards a calm and peaceful society, filled with appropriate behavior, and holding those who act out accountable. Forgiving, in terms of the aim being education and setting appropriate limits and not pushing the full force of punishment on miscreant behavior.

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