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“Oh, sweet Pea, oh won’t you dance with me…?”

Great old song, no? Wow, even better, I just found out that was sung by Tommy Roe; he of the “Dizzy” fame. Dizzy, was number one for four or more weeks in a row.–Roe, row…, love it. Oh, sweet Pea, look it up folks. Anyway, it is that kind of ending for this week. Got a piece pertaining to Calm Interventions that could be the clincher. I am psyched; it could take the world by a storm, something we need right at the right time. Did some grind it out stuff relating to the Science today, too. Just had to let it go, and see where it goes. Read a wonderful book by Gabby Bernstein, about “The universe has your back;” and it too, seemed very timely with respect to the entire topic of trusting God and/or the universe any and ALL of what you believe.

So, I am feeling some juice and inspiration at this particular moment. It isĀ  twenty-one plus years of work; and then let it go, see how it all unfolds. I am grateful for today.

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