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The long day’s journey into night

Well, I just saw a quote, indicating that the last mile was the longest one; so I will go with that for the moment, encouraging me, not to give up, to deepen my faith, to go on a tad longer. An amazing situation that I have been working on to me; just appeared so irrational that I had to pull back and trust God, and in essence let it go a tad. Should I pick it back up or just continue to trust? It was really uplifting to pull back; and then again, am I right on the cusp of victory, with something that I have persevered, with for so long?

Time will tell. I am not giving up; just taking one step at a time. I do not have one more tool, in my arsenal at the moment. I am like a ship going through an iceberg; actually it is funny, I recently saw a movie along those lines, where a Russian ship saved two whales that were trapped in an ice wedge. A long journey for sure… Thanks.

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It’s ALL under the umbrella of Science, lol:

ALL of the work for the most part, is under the umbrella, needed on today’s rainy day, BTW; of the Science of Inner Strength. The notion that we are fundamentally good, and need to be guided, encouraged, inspired; not corrected, abused, AND maligned is at the root of all of Calm Interventions’ work. It is a pushing off point, understanding the entire realm of psychopathic and deviant types of behaviors. Because, what is not understood at this point is the role that said deviant personality types have on the culture as a whole; and the requirement that the vast majority of good people, move and push themselves towards decent, sane and respectful interactions.

Thus, the concept I am working on, pertaining to “Iceberg” is prospectively important, as it indicates the concept that there is a portion of human behavior, driven by psychopathic types of personality types, that is essentially underwater, unseen, and largely not understood, by the mass of our society and culture. So, I can contemplate further the best way to develop this concept of “Iceberg” for societies’ benefit!

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