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Embracing Life; even more than defeating hatred, perhaps

Is that wonderful notion of embracing life for what it is. Life surely; has its ups and downs; yet it is the capacity to embrace it, and elevate one’s game to meet and greet challenges that is the backbone of my life and Calm Interventions’ work. There is a spiritual change coming over the world along with everything else. Those who cling to what they did before and a sense of the past, will risk getting left behind by spirit of change itself, with respect to calmer and more respectful interactions.

Underneath the sense of political correctness is a very valid point that each and every human being begins with a sense of dignity and must be respected on that basis. Old ways of being prejudiced not only are very limiting, but reflect weaknesses and insecurities on the parts of those who portend better. It is solely, be embracing life that we can bring forth our best positive energy; as well as to treat ourselves and each other with respect. It will take some time, but embracing life is here!

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Let me put something out there: Coming into my own, AND gratitude:

On some level, there are many or at least different ways of looking at the same situation. This morning, I came to a really unique or at least relatively breakthrough moment for me in looking at a particular situation. There are different ways things could go, but at least under one format, I will really be coming into my own, as The World’s Best Mediator. The possibility is there to fill out that role on a much bigger and greater level.

Second is the possibility again of gratitude for those who have helped make it possible. There is a possibility of a carpet being rolled out that offers an extension of support that is gratifying and uplifting. In some ways that support could well be coming from those who have challenged me the most. One of the themes emerging in my life is that diamonds were coal under fire. I literally came from coal country, in Northeastern Pennsylvania and it seems the collective pressure in my life, has helped me to become a diamond in many ways. Thank you truly.

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The great value of Tolle is his

emphasis on the Now, with the reminder that we can be happy at any and in fact every given moment. Key to me, to happiness, is an attitude of Gratitude, I believe that is actually the title of a book, by is it Keith Herrell, anyway, An Attitude of Gratitude works for me.

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