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Profoundly, a sense of a better world

That is my vision, my life, my work; that of a better world. There is such a practical and moral mandate in our world, especially for our younger people, to create a sense that’s our world, can be a better place. There is so much negativity that not only does our world need it, but our young people, may not have been touched by that sense of optimism that is necessary to uphold and uplift society. That is my work, that is Calm Interventions work; that is the work and world of The World’s Best Mediator creating a better planet.

Coming from our inner strength, aligns us with our goodness, our sense of wanting to do well, and even our commonality. Most of us, want a better world, and we need those people and philosophies that will uplift us. I am grateful that I have been able to come this far, in the development of a philosophy. Today being, July 4, 2018, among other things, I convey wonderful appreciation to our dear United State of America, on our 242nd birthday. Happy birthday!

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