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Mediation is for adults: Even though I held my own with one hand tied behind my back, as it stands:

It really is becoming more and more apparent on some level. The legal process almost becomes like children having a food fight, the way most people conduct things. Attack what they perceive to be the weakness of the other party; refuse to hear the other point of view. Man o live, it sure seems almost like a game for children.

On the other hand, mediation is for adults. Both parties must be able to recognize their is a larger goal, other than merely their own interest. Each person’s interest is important, but so is something called the greater good. It seems that many attorneys I have run into focus solely on their interest and money. Mediation as I am indicating requires a degree of maturity beyond that; it requires people to want to get to a better place, other than just “beating” the other person.

Adults of the world unite; throw off your chains, bullies behaving in a childish manner will not prevail. True intelligence, respect and yes adult maturity will lead our way forward. Children, time for bed. Thanks.

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