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No human being can be abused

It dawns on me, as my work continues; that one of the cornerstones of my life, is the notion that no human being should or can be abused. Abuse occurs, in many forms, and on some level is prevalent in our culture as a whole. We need an adjustment, a reworking of our national psyche, to truly understand that being cruel and mean to others, is not strength; indeed those types of behaviors are weaknesses, ultimately. So much of my life and work, stems from the notion of not wanting to see others abused in any way, be it physically, emotionally, legally, sexually or in any way.

Abuse, in its rawest sense, is about one human being perversely taking advantage of another; using hurtful and hateful tactics to act upon their own mental disturbances, and inflicting pain on others. I wish at times, that I could develop a metric for emotional abuse and emotional distress, to show to people, what is acceptable, and what is not; AND for that matter what abuse is: The opposite is creating a better world!

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