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What a wonderful day, in the neighborhood(s)

The World's Best Mediator, Jon Myers

The World's Best Mediator, Jon Myers

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That was “odd;” and ultimately great; although don’t mess with my planet:

1px6GcW-Zz4This was quite a little tale. Over the weekend I received a copy of my Oberlin College Alumni Magazine. I browsed through, and then ran across a page of quotes; and there as this quote: “Whatever your cause, its a lost cause on a dying planet.” Oberlin Professor David Orr

I was kind of stunned, even a tad dismayed that such a quote could appear so prominently on the Magazine, influencing the lives of young people and so many others. The quote came from a speech, and I actually went on-line to find the speech and listen to the 25 minutes or so, including introduction from President Krislov. When I listened to the speech in total; the speech was actually a quite inspiring talk, emanating from the environment, but extending from there.

One of the themes of Professor Orr was that the planet is at an extremely critical point, a perspective I tremendously share; with my mediation work. Professor Orr, concluded with a quote from Robert Cole, from a talk at Oberlin a few years ago, that concluded: “Be kind, be kind, be kind;” and the overall call for decency. It turned out in a relatively effective way, the speech was almost the direct opposite of this particular quote that was highlighted.

While I was relieved to find that the message was very different than the quote represented; I was still concerned about the effect that the message would have, especially on young people, and its particularly dampening effect on enthusiasm. I made a point to call the Magazine, recently and was blessed to talk with the Editor. The Editor and I had a great chat about my concerns, to the point where I went back to watch the entire twenty-five minute speech. Upon hearing me, Jeff, the editor, suggested a letter to the editor; as we spoke mentioning and hearing my shpiel, seemingly applauding a “well-reasoned” one.

I said to him, while I was not pleased about the quote; it might have had a spiritual meaning, which we laughed about, to get me to watch the speech, and get to talk to him. listen to the last two minutes.

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Just a couple of brochures out today, on the hell or high water tour:

It is a rather unfathomable process, doing what I do, and yet there they go. Perhaps time to write up my case study some more, that is a wonderful process. We ALL get to account for the past “decades” or twenty four plus years or so, depending upon you look at it. Life is great, I mean what is the alternative? I am gearing up for a major brochure run perhaps, although one day at a time seems to rule the roost. Got out a terrific fax this morning, yes the old machines still crank them out, and even receive them.

I shared with an investor/friend a copy of the Calm Interventions agreements. I am been thinking of posting those on-line, but I believe it is preferable for prospective clients to actually receive those directly; occasionally indirectly. Who knows? The key advancement today on that front is fitting all four pages on one e-mail, as sometimes scanned documents are huge with regard to byte space AND ackward to e-mail. Well, I solved that tiny dilemma today, and another.



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