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A once in a millennium story: “It’s my story, and I am sticking to it,” lol, credit a guy named Dale Arnold for that quote:

I truly believe that my story is a once in a millennium one. One of the facets was to endure and survive, even thrive through what I would call the world’s worst case of emotional abuse that has extended thirty years now. True to the Science of Inner Strength, I used that situation as an opportunity for unfathomable learning and growth. Emotional abuse can be one of the most horrific types of human behavior, due to its devastating nature itself, and furthered by the sense that it is relatively invisible, and people do not know enough about it as of yet. To me, not only because I have developed a science around these issues; it is so crucial, because its equal and opposite sense is the element of decency in society.

In other words, a full turnaround in society can begin, by understanding emotional abuse. A turnaround away from the crass, even abusive nature of things, in society today, and towards our basic decency and human understanding. The intensity of the emotional abuse I suffered, led to great understandings. Thanks.

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