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Maturity is so important

We live in a time of amazing challenge in this country right now, and individuals, families, organizations and this country as a whole, needs emotional maturity. This type of maturity is something that Calm Interventions provides, in its work and training with clients and people in general. Qualities such as the capacity to work with and hear perspectives other than our own; define our inner core, and special qualities that make us positively standout; and having a sense of self, so that we take things seriously, but not so seriously as to forget the true nature of life.

Understanding the true nature of life, is to understand a peace and a patience with things; as well as to realize that there are things greater than ourselves, which work their own way in the development and furtherance of the world. What is hard for people to see sometimes, is that the direction of our world is forward towards progress, even with the great challenges that we face. Our challenges strengthen us and reveal areas needed for further work. Thanks plenty, Jon

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