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The end of cruelty; hey a man can dream:

That is where my spirit is at this moment, considering the end of cruelty and how it will come about. I am feeling inspired; completed a phase of a project yesterday that I had gone back and forth on, AND now I feel liberated to some degree. Let my mind reach for the great ideas in the sky; such as the actual end of cruelty and that kind of thing. The thing is, it is a science. We can learn these kind of things; that is the whole point.

If due to our lack of understanding up until now; we have acted at times, inĀ an animalistic fashion; then we have it in our capacity to learn better ways to communicate, relate and understanding one another. That is a crucial point; it is in the main, learned behavior. Well, we shall see, how it will ALL unfold; yet those kinds of things, ought to be part of our discussion. This epoch of time, offers a markedly different way of looking at and thinking about things. It is our opportunity. Thanks.

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