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I have encountered evil

As I reflect I feel the great value of my story and my life is that I have actually encountered evil; and not only not been defeated by it, but bring forward an amazing message due to that encounter. I will say I saw a quote recently that “people are not evil; systems are.” So I will not necessarily lay that heavy rap on any one person. Things happen, and it has to do with people making faulty choices, perhaps small ones one after another; and then it can be the combined energy mixed with others that create an evil dynamic. I must say, I only using evil to describe the most “indescribable.”

The thing about evil, is that it can become very confusing for those innocents who run into it; because a certain iteration of evil entails it posing as good and reasonable. People must be very strong in order to resist evil. People can be gullible and persuaded by things. So it has taken me unbelievable preparation and divine inspiration to realize that I have encountered evil.


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The new psychology

Underpinning the Science of Inner Strength is an understanding of what I would deem the real psychology of today. The real psychology does not have to do with assessments of peoples’ brains and thought processes as much, as it has to do with understanding the facets of deep narcissism and even psychopathic behavior.

The pandemic of hurtful behavior, negativity and hatred in this day and age, for one has to do with learned behavior, with respect to those in leadership teaching people that is okay or even good to be mean, which it surely is not. The other thing has to do with a related topic of a deep narcissism that upholds a vicious and narrow view. My work has focused on for one, understanding that prevalent narcissism, AND also getting at the roots of those who are so hurt or impaired, so as to adopt these relatively vicious views.

Without understanding these types of mindsets, which precious few in the areas of traditional psychology really do; people are not likely to understand what is going on in the culture.

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Keeping to your goals

I had an interesting little experience today, pertaining to a goal that I had set for nyself. Someone with a legitimate, yet peripheral interest in the situation started giving me a hard time undeservedly today. I was impressed with my capacity as The World’s Best Mediator, and just Jon Myers, to distill the relevant situation from the non-relevant, and stay focused. It was not very long after I was somewhat challenged, that I returned to what my appropriate goals were and communicated them to the other person, firmly and gently.

I am delighted for the skills that I have learned in life, and that I get to use them at these critical junctures. It could be the capacity to stay calm, in virtually any situation is enough to do well in virtually any situation. I even put in a word of kindness for the person, once my part of the business was done.

It is that skill that can be of so much value in working with Calm Interventions; to calmly learn what is relevant and what is not. Thanks.

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A wonderful Chinese expression: “There is not much time left…

The quote goes something like: “There is not much time left, so we must go slowly.” I love that quote and today I am reminded of it; as there are some time pressures, and it seems I took the better part of the day to construct a tiny note. I thought about rushing it earlier in the day, and it was not happening. So with some rest and contemplation the note just hit me, long after I had seemingly forgotten about it. There is a grace in not rushing. It seems like I did a lot of rushing over the past twenty years. Maybe a lot of it was necessary with respect to people getting to know me, and even me getting to know myself for that matter.

That journey into getting to know ourselves, is perhaps the most epic journey of all; that few are given the opportunity in life, to embark upon in such dedicated, and steep fashion. While there were many moments of agony; it is a journey I suppose I will always cherish. I am grateful.

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On the road to success; it has its quiet moment, lol

Yes, today, I got to ride the wonderful Boston model of public transportation through my local business stops It is a work of beauty; just the mere getting around of it ALL, Speaking of works of beauty; I was able to initiate what could turn out to be an awesome project for Calm Interventions Inc. I suppose the title is “How I found my inner strength;” and looks like it will feature a few words, picture AND description of how the true winners and champions of this world reached their inner strength.

I am not only talking about big name people; but all kinds of people with greater and lessor accomplishments who became winners and champions in their own lives, and for that matter in the lives of others. Being heroic, does not mean being famous; indeed, there are so many heroic people; quiet champions, who make a difference for their families, in their communities, and in the world at large.

Everyone will, or at least many will want to join that winners circle of the Calm Revolution.

Jon Myers

Jon Myers

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