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A wondrous turn of events:

Who’d have thunk that just by going about my normal business today, answers would appear along the way. It seems that the answer to the brochure question, is to continue to distribute the ones I have; AND add the stickers if and when I get them. My local market, did me a terrific little favor in posting one in their prominent display case; the orange dove is out, and about, not to mention at a local Starbuck’s as well.

In any event, then to my Watertown mini-office, and my friend Shawn, gave me a terrific little tip for the stickers I am in the process of creating. It seemed like a glorious energy was in the air. I am ready for the orange dove to soar, it seems. Perhaps even tomorrow, or rest the week-end or we shall see. Shawn indicated to emphasize the free nature of the sample. Did, I mention that people; you get a 10 minute free sample of the Magic Assessment; that is in essence a $100 value. Also look at:

world’sbestmediator@thebestmediator on Twitter. College football, or tennis?

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