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Wow, supreme powers of trust, bears a great piece of fruit:

I went out on a limb again recently, working to supplement a document I had produced. The supplement substantially advanced the notion of the science I have developed. Two crucial pieces emerged. One, is that I just trusted on this; I resisted and inherited trait of meddling or politicking after the fact. I trusted my work would be accepted or something better even would happen.  The second piece too, is that I just received word, when I had really let it go that my supplement was accepted on some level.

This is potentially extremely important, as I have put myself out on a limb, because as the expression goes, that is where the fruit is. Science, facts, logic, we human beings must progress to where we make rational and healthy decisions; coming out of the period of horrific whim that perhaps we have now passes through. We cannot make decisions from mere preference or opinion or unhealthy advantage. We must make decisions from a place of accuracy, fairness, and consideration.

Anyway, it was a terrific, if small success. Thank you.

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