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I am proud of a theme, I came up with: About changing our national psyche: Goodness is strength.

I just completed the vast portion of a project, AND concluded with a theme, about changing our national psyche. “Oddly” that phrase, seemed to encapsulate a lion’s share of my work over the course of more than twenty-two years, especially as I pointed towards the notion that “goodness is strength.” I had an amazing team of people come together around the completion of this particular task, which was a wonderful feeling unto itself.

That theme of changing the national psyche is at the core of my work. Our current psyche contains far too much crass, indifferent and pejorative notions within it. We are working with, and acting with the sense that retribution is strength, when indeed it is anything but. The reality and the theme that I am bringing forward is the notion that goodness is strength. My effort and potentially my contribution can be in the area of engendering a national shift in notion of our national psyche.  We must reject the negativity of today, as a representation of strength, point towards our basic goodness as our true strength!!

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