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Thank you Upper Falls AND The Spirtit of Cooperation

Old Upper Falls was there today just mailing a simple letter, a great conversation in the line there about the spirit of mediation and cooperation. The more one sees of the legal process the more in some ways it is like putting a size. 2 shoe on a size 12 foot. The conversation at the Post Office the man L. said: “Reaching a resolution is the best feeling in the world.” In a way it is such a high to actually work with others; respect them, reach an understanding.

This is truly my goal to spread the benefits of mediation and positive communication around the world. It is so positive when people relinquish stuck views tor an ease and comfort AND actual interest in working together. The man at the Post Office me tiinsd the hockey strike. It is so true that people lose the bigger picture and look for their petty or crass victories. Don’t get me wrong; there are such a thing as true victories, but those things are earned and serve some genuine, if not noble purpose. Thank you.

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