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The case for decency

It seems that much of my life has wielded to a point; that point is working for true and lasting decency is society. I am greatly blessed with that opportunity and the sense of purpose that comes out of all of that. True to the Calm Interventions philosophy of “Turning hard times into better time;” that philosophy has come out unfathomable challenges and yielded a true mission in a way the betterment of society through the advancement of decency. I am grateful for my work and for what has landed upon my shoulders. The little keyboard seems to be working out great at the moment. It is “fascinating” to see my work winding to the point of decency. As we set foot gently on these relatively first steps of the new millennium; it is imperative to set our tone in a positive and constructive manner. Our collective commitment to decency must be at the vanguard of our work, words and particularly our actions!

Thank you again for the responsibility and mission that has landed upon my shoulders; I cherish it.

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