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The long day’s journey into night

Well, I just saw a quote, indicating that the last mile was the longest one; so I will go with that for the moment, encouraging me, not to give up, to deepen my faith, to go on a tad longer. An amazing situation that I have been working on to me; just appeared so irrational that I had to pull back and trust God, and in essence let it go a tad. Should I pick it back up or just continue to trust? It was really uplifting to pull back; and then again, am I right on the cusp of victory, with something that I have persevered, with for so long?

Time will tell. I am not giving up; just taking one step at a time. I do not have one more tool, in my arsenal at the moment. I am like a ship going through an iceberg; actually it is funny, I recently saw a movie along those lines, where a Russian ship saved two whales that were trapped in an ice wedge. A long journey for sure… Thanks.

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