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The man who broke hatred and/or breaking narcissism

That seems like it is one of my aims; to do something significant like breaking narcissism and/or hatred itself. That is what the Science of Inner Strength and my life is about. I am working to get to the core of human animus itself; discovering those reasons and happenstances, as to why people decide to hate and/or act in lesser capacities. A major situation I am working on, has to do with extreme narcissism, and seemingly hatred itself, as to why a person or persons will attack and hate on another person so relentlessly.

It gets to the emptiness inside, which is why the Science of Inner Strength, with respect to its finding the spiritual light within us is such an antidote to animus itself. Once people feel a sense of worth, purpose, even spiritual center within them; they then become much less likely to act in hurtful and distressful ways. We have a lot of hurt people these days, who for the most part do not know it.

With no aspersions, we must help people heal and learn goodness.

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