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The science of abuse:

In some ways, I believe my contribution¬† on some level, could truly be contributing to what I call the “Science of Abuse.” There are so many layers where my understandings and insights can add so much to society’s base if knowledge. Clearly, the dire need for abusers to maintain a double image is paramount. Second is the actual abuse itself, with regard to having this nihilistic AND sadistic sense of “joy” that propels these with heinous actions to abuse in the first place.

Third, and related to the first two points is this virtually parasitic need to attach themselves to a situation or another human being; to essentially derive their life blood and their psychic energy from such a “vile” association. Finally, there is the need to drive things through the other party in virtually merciless fashion.

These elements of abuse are part of my work that I have developed over the past eighteen years now. There may be a number of venues where I may be able to present such a body of work. We must reverse ALL abuse!

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