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The Science of Inner Strength

It is a wonderful day, a Friday afternoon, as it turns out. Wowsie, has a ton of work gone into things. Sometimes, we just need to let go a bit, and see how it all unfolds. A certain delivery is taking longer than expected, and I am trusting. Some material has arrived for me, in another location, and I will similarly be trusting, that everything has value, it is all unfolding for a reason. There is only so much we can do at any one juncture; that is where patience comes in.

Ah yes, the Science of Inner Strength. Well, as far as I can see, it is a new, a higher even way of thinking and acting. Humankind has reached a certain juncture, and it seems like profound change is on the way. The Science for me began and probably still begins with the capacity to understand extreme narcissistic and even psychopathic behaviors, AND the characteristics of emotional abuse. The route to changing human behavior for the better, and the world as well, begins with understanding emotional abuse.


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