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The Science of Inner Strength

Quite a timeframe, for the old Science. Lots of work going on, behind the scenes. I am thankful that I can apply myself to this kind of work, so consistently, for so long. It has been quite a long road to hoe. In fact, this month, March 22 or so, will mark twenty-two years, since this journey came to me. It was for the most part, due to circumstances beyond my control; and indeed, a sense of divine destiny seems to have encapsulated my life. I won’t go into great detail, other to say, that essentially an event the magnitude of an emotional asteroid hit my life.

In many ways, the emotional repercussions of that emotional asteroid, extended for decades. It is hard for folks to understand in some ways that emotional repercussions of things can extend so long. Such too, is the influence of those with personality disorders, extreme narcissism, borderline, and psychopathic; with respect to how much they can influence people and situations, for extremely long periods of time. I have a sense of destiny to discover such things.

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