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The seat of Evil:

Inside the suit, is sadistic evil

Inside the suit, is sadistic evil

I do not know everything, but I know there is truly evil coming out of the marriage of Morey and Sondra Myers, in Scranton, PA. As you might have noticed, in developing my signature case, I have put forth the unfathomable emotional abuse that has rained forth from that marriage, along with their younger son, my ex-wife, and any number of people.  The more I study an learn about emotional abuse; the more the issue of control comes up. Yes, Morey Mayer Myers is bloodthirsty in his efforts to harass and control my life.

The stunning fact that is so “vigorous” in ALL of this, is how maniacal; how bloodthirsty, how purposeless, the mindset AND actions of Morey Mayer Myers et. al. is. Maybe even deeper, this horror is fueled by Sondra Gelb Myers, but the truly sadistic stuff, is amply brought forth by Morey Mayer Myers.

Has anyone, and I do mean anyone ever heard of anything so “vile” and desperate as parents who hate their own children, on the basis of jealousy?

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