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Trusting the universe; and I made a decision:

Well, I made a decision the other day, and today I confirmed it. I am not even certain it was the right decision, but I will trust the universe; plus I am just proud I made an adult decision. The decision paves the way to deeply commit to the World’s Best Mediator concept. It truly was fascinating today; I was talking to a friend, who without my bringing it up truly understood the essence of my work. He was talking about the concept of societal change and in the course of the conversation we discussed Cassandra, Mandela, Gandhi, and Nietzsche among others. My friend understood what I was up against, but the again truly understood the simplicity of what I propose.

The simplifies to do with, what my friend recognized as something the man on the street could understand. That reminds me, the tipping point in affirming my decision is that I would prefer to talk about inner strength, rather than psychological abuse.The essence of Calm Interventions programs is finding your inner strength AND expressing that strength appropriately. Thank you.

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