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Two ideas, interesting”

One is a healing type of center, where people will come, the other a center or a place dedicated to the understanding and eradication of psychological and emotional abuse, with the movement eventually towards decency. One would think that human beings would actually have the capacity to begin to function in calm, sensible and rational manners. Clearly this plague of narcissism, borderline personality and psychopathic behavior is a challenge/opportunity of our time. The people who hide behind the protocols and bullying position while inflicting hurt and pain on others must be exposed, AND we as a society as a whole must move towards respectful, truly appropriate behavior towards ourselves and each others. The culture of decency must make its move. Well today has been a happy and productive day, even through the mist and hurdles that were here. I can call it a great day, and be thankful for that, and look towards some relaxation and rest for the evening.

I am very happy about the new picture on the website, and look for that to usher in positive things.

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