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Unbelievable times:

The thing is, once you are on a path to greatness or that kind of thing; then you really virtually never know where the opposition will come from. Greatness again, is not a quality solely inherent to me; it is a universal human quality that most of us could conceivably attain. The thing is though; it can take an incredible and even painful experience, to wake us up, and send us in that direction. That is what happened to me; more than twenty-two years ago; there were events that woke me up and set me on a path to reach some sort of divine destiny, or something along those lines.

Sometimes the Opposition to such things can come from those who purport closeness to us i.e. family. Family can have profound jealousies and not want to see members of their circle exceed beyond what they have done. Part of the Science of Inner Strength thinking is that it is that very goal and/or inner purpose that ensures that we keep plodding along, and do not give up. Quite a challenge/opportunity!

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