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Well that won’t stand; receiving a document after the fact:

I mean on one hand, I suppose I can still laugh at what these people say; it is such the theater of the absurd. I am not certain, if I must correct it or not. I suppose Monday or so will tell. Sometimes it is best to allow other peoples’ ludicrous nature stand on its own. We shall see. I may have finally found some shirts and ties I love, from Land’s End of all people; as they have a 30% off sale.

I must say, something has kicked in a rather humorous side of life, for some really “odd” reason. I don’t think I will chase it away at the moment. After ALL of the absurdity, I have seen thrown my way; it is a rather nice change of pace. I mean really intriguing shirts and ties. Anyway, got things organized today; will see what is the best route over the week-end, might even contemplate a beer, but then again perhaps not, who knows. I am extremely thankful for ALL I have.

Remember everybody: “Mediation is for adults:” Hallelujah ALL!

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