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Well, with some help from above; I was able to push through today

I feel great, in that, I got what seemed to be guidance from above, with respect to finishing a stage of a project that I have worked on for awhile. We can make all the plans we want; but remaining open to the spirit moving us, is a big plus, because we don’t always know by ourselves, what a situation will require. So, it seems like I completed a stage today, and I feel good about, not over exuberant or that nervous about it either. One of the important things about moving forward in our life, is knowing what our reasons are for doing so. We can feel like we are doing things for the right reason; but to me, it takes a great deal of time and work to really get our words and actions aligned with our values.

For instance; if we want to create a peaceful world, or even a specific resolution, we must act for the most part in a peaceful way, otherwise our words have little meaning. We must act calmly at crucial moments. Jon

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