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What a day, what a day

They don’t make them like this very often. Dealing with the changes in attitude, changes in latitude as Jimmy Buffett would put it. Certain days, something just thrusts us out into the world, and then we are on our own. Today seemed like such a day. I am grateful for life, for the  capacity to have a science and work that I enjoy, and all of that. Sometimes, I wonder if I have just done enough for today, a month a year, lol, perhaps a few days or something like that.

We shall see, we shall see. Fall, is such a wonderful time of year in New England, AND today rings the bell for terrific weather and positive vibrations. Even the dentist, or especially the dentist appointment went smoothly. One of the things I still work on; is developing a trusting attitude, towards the world in general. Rather than worry or be fearful about the unknown, like the big shark in “Jaws;” which I saw recently, it is great to be able to be trusting about things. Work in progress…

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