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What a young man taught me

This is a twenty-something, I see on my daily rounds from time to time. This young man, has some challenges in life. Today, as he does on occasion, he confided in me; as to his supervisor. It seems that my young friend, may have been getting pushed around. The occasional rude person, or passing incongruity is one thing. When people make a pattern of pushing other people around that is where we must draw the line. I told the young man that each of us has dignity, and the right to be treated with respect; AND not to be abused. The young man, asked me about this, and I underscored the point for him; as no matter what the relative imbalance in the relationship, he had a right to be treated respectfully.

This conversation served me well on my own business rounds a little later today. It seems that on occasion, people take my basic kindness as a weakness. I needed to appropriately assert myself today. It is not always easy, it can be uncomfortable, but well worth our dignity.

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