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Whenever possible do not go into court; a virtual living hell:

A call, from a reasonably minded prospective client brought home a wonderful point today, virtually reminding me of why I began this company thirteen years ago. Whenever possible people must not go into court; especially familial situations where there is any possibility of not doing so. One of my points with the Magic 6 hour x $600/hour Assessment is that it can be worth $75,000 or even $100, 000 with the seventh hour on the way. For people who would go into court that is an easy one. The moment that two parties go into court in innocent fashion, it is with a combination of emotional, time and financial costs easily just to start $50,000 each; as the current state of Family Court in America, AND surely here in Massachusetts is a virtual living hell.

People will be shocked at how far from our ideals, going into our family courts can be, especially when dealing with your most precious assets: Children, home, finances, and ALL the rest. The experience of Calm Interventions Inc. lets people know how destructive such a course can be.

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