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Whoa nelly; obstacles are made to be overcome, right? Right!!

I would be remiss, if I did not say that overcoming obstacles is a great challenge. Sometimes, a true champion will jump off into new terrain that seems quite daunting. When your cause is right, you can and will rise to the challenge, with the right attitude. I never said it would be easy though. So up I go, one step at a time, eye on the ball.

I am thrilled I have a ball to look at; I mean life can get quite depressing I fathom, if and when you do not have a legitimate goal. Rising through the ranks itself, is not necessarily a legitimate goal; there must be a redeeming purpose to that rise. There must be something in your work that is sincerely about helping humanity. The hard part, is doing it, in deed; more than just in words. It is easy to preach or write about benevolence, empathy and ALL of that; but the really hard and worthy part is exemplifying those qualities on tasks large and small. True values are used often and regularly!

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