Jon Myers, The World’s Best Mediator, does not know everything, but he knows the set of experiences he inherited; the degree of challenge, the figurative fire that Jon walked through is unlike the experience of virtually any human being on earth, with regard to its intensity, duration and challenging nature. True to his philosophy of “Turning hard times into better times” Jon kept his eye on the ball, with regard to the emotional health and well-being of his children, as well as his own sense of growth and development. Rather than make Jon a bitter person, in deed his experiences made Jon a better, stronger and happier person. Jon has insights and understandings about the legal system, that others either do not have, or will not share. Jon believes you need to have the truth constructively presented to address challenges so important as your life, your assets and your children. Jon earns the title of The World’s Best Mediator by blending together the ruggedness of the legal world, with the gentleness of the emotional/psychological world, due to Jon’s unprecedented perseverance and experience.