How Jon was forged by fire into The World’s Best Mediator

Jon Myers’ particular experience and expertise in the divorce and family law area, was forged by Jon Myers’ own experience also in the divorce and family law area. Beginning with some rather unbelievable circumstances in his own separation and ultimately divorce situation in 1996, Jon was faced with fundamental questions about his own life, his own future, and importantly the lives of what he considered to be, his two sacred children Sophia Rose Myers currently a graduating senior at Oberlin College and Samuel Morris Myers currently a freshman at the University of Michigan. Jon was presented with a situation for fifteen years, where he chose to take on a most irrational and unfair of divorces, incredibly extreme family dynamics, and an extremely challenging court system. For fifteen years Jon would not blink an eye, as he legally and appropriately battled on behalf of his children, culminating in Jon’s own actions leading up to and including the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, before a settlement in Jon Myers’ favor.

Through it all, Jon truly developed the heart of a champion, along with the philosophy of Turning hard times into better times, along with a profound and fundamental commitment to change the way divorce and family law matters are conducted in Massachusetts, America and ultimately around the world.