Our special Philosphy

The philosophy of "Turning hard times into better times" and its implementation by Calm Interventions Inc. is about growing and changing through conflict. Previous methods of human interaction or conflict resolution involve repetitive harmful actions, excessive litigation, or people expressing things that are rash and not in their true interest. The unbelievable work by Calm Interventions Inc. and Jon Myers, The World’s Best Mediator involves helping people understand their true interest, and learning how to express those interests in an assertive and appropriate manner. The ground-breaking work of Calm Interventions involves both the deep insight into human emotions, human behavior and conflict; along with the cohesive people skills to work with people to help them understand and implement new and more beneficial ways of thinking about themselves and their situation.

The magic of “Turning hard times into better times” is that rather than bashing ones figurative heads and perspectives about, conflict is seen as a time for change and growth and opportunity. Make no mistake about it, Calm Interventions Inc. and Jon Myers, The World’s Best Mediator have the rugged experience to recognize that certain issues must be appropriately fought for; but The World’s Best Mediator knows what those issues are, to help you differentiate, when you are in a necessary fight, and when you are dealing with emotional issues, that may be beyond your control, in a practical sense. Then The World’s Best Mediator helps you make the best practical choice in situations, not only preserving your serenity and peace of mind, but also ensuring that you will grow and change in the process and better meet your true goals and aspirations.